By using the contact form on the website, you can get a hold of me for various services which I’ll set up a correspondence. If any of these services interest you, feel free to shoot me a line with your contact information, and I’ll follow up whenever I’m available!

Shortform Video Content

Are you a game developer in need of high quality gifs, webms, or short video clips?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in providing high quality footage of technical and high-quality gameplay – as well as amusing and entertaining bits. Whether it’s gathering references, putting together something clean with a duration under one minute to host on a service like gfycat, or helping you put together clips for a trailer, there’s probably a very short list of people who are better – or even as familiar – as I am with creating good looking clips.


When it comes to aggregating information, in today’s age it can be a lot more difficult than it was even just five years ago. Thanks to the ‘algorithm’ deciding to deliver what it thinks you want rather than what you’re searching for, it can be difficult to find references and detailed information.

With a specific familiarity when it comes to Cold War equipment, firearms, and a contributor who’s well-read on the Vietnam conflict which has, in many ways, defined the forms of warfare we see today, if it’s something we don’t know off-hand, we’re more than willing to trudge through the trenches of modern search engines and older hard-to-find content, or chase down a point of contact for someone who would actually be a proper point of authority to talk to regarding the subject.

Besides research into historical subjects, doing research into the mechanical nature of older video game titles is another area of expertise. I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of Devil May Cry 3, but I’m also eager to branch out and explore other various titles within my library and dig up rare or hard-to-find gems to gather information if it’s not something I already have access to.

Just, please, don’t be asking for currently classified material. I might be interested in warfare, but that’s just not cool, man, and puts everyone involved at risk. We don’t need the alphabet companies poking around, so let’s keep ’em out, yeah?

Quality Assurance, Destruction Testing, and Game Design consulting

There’s few things that can break a game quite like a qualified gamer who’s playing regularly. In the past, I’ve done testing, game design consulting, and more. If you want someone to give your game a shot, and maybe even see about breaking it on purpose, I’m absolutely there for it.

I like to personally identify as one of Magic the Gathering’s ‘Johnny’ psyche profile, and as a result, I enjoy taking the time to figure out complex systems and how best to manipulate them – besides having the urge to try and see what works or where certain interactions begin to break down.

I have an intuitive understanding of where certain systems begin to break down – there’s a voice in my head that typically says, “Hey, this thing right here? Something’s off about it,” and as a result of that, I like to poke that thing until I get an interesting and unexpected result; and, when provided enough information, taking a hard-to-reproduce bug and figuring out a reliable way to reproduce it is nothing short of entertaining and exciting detective work.


I may not be a professional writer yet, but I’ve been absorbed in stories, both mine and others’. I have a large interest in writing, and at the very least, I know how to add some spice to what’s already existing, besides sit and work out ideas and concepts into a fleshed out piece of work.

The only thing that can make me better as a writer is further opportunities to explore my own writing and others’, growing stories and enhancing my endurance as a writer, but because of the media-rich nature of the site’s format, I’m probably going to write more about pieces of media than I am going to explore my own stories here, but if you want to check that out, go ahead!

Anything else in mind? Hit me up!

I’m pretty flexible and understand the concept that outside consulting can be a pretty varied experience. Once again, if these services appeal to you, go ahead and use the contact form on the site to send me your email and we’ll start a correspondence.

I’d put my email directly out there, but for obvious reasons, I don’t want to be filtering through spam, so if you’re willing to reach out, I’ll get a hold of you after using the contact form.