Support the Site

I suppose there’s not much that really isn’t obvious, but regardless, this is just a place to support the site.

As the operator of the site, I’m not very keen on advertisements; I don’t think they add enough to the coffers to justify how much value they extract from a site: often, advertisements are late, for unrelated products or services, and on top of it all, intrusive to the user experience and even just our personal lives in regards to gathering information regarding us as individuals.

Patreon or subscription based alternatives don’t really offer much appeal, either: I can’t see having enough consistent quality content to be driving a subscription based mechanism with just myself. More often than not, I find I reach a bottleneck at various points in the year when it comes to writing in that there’s just not a lot going on: it’s not really possible to actually provide decent content sticking to a schedule in my case, as I work best when I’m free from those concepts and can dedicate myself wholly to the subject at hand.

When there is something worth bringing here, I need the freedom to do so, which that is what this is really about. Supporting the site is an excellent way to ensure I have the capacity, drive, and resources to do it. There’s a lot of things that I’d like to bring the table, but it’s difficult when things are at best a two or three man show and at worst just me doing the heavy lifting.



If there’s other things rather than a direct monetary contribution, or you would like to donate a larger amount directly, there’s always the contact page to get a hold of me. I dare someone to try it.