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Genshin Impact Character Overview

Character Overview: Anemo Traveler

Might as well start these overviews off with a character everyone has, the Traveler! They’re the first five star character you’ll get in Genshin Impact. Now, it’s somewhat important: the male Traveler and the female Traveler have two subtly different movesets and we’re going to look at the female Traveler, Lumine, as representing the Anemo […]

Review Genshin Impact General Critiques

Genshin Impact Review (Pt. 2)

Now, there’s one comment which I’ve seen that holds a pretty strong argument against the main draw of Genshin Impact, which is essentially, exploration is a one-time joy. That’s partially true. You can’t really regain the joy discovery combing over places you’ve been before, but that being said, learning Genshin Impact’s world has its use. […]