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Character Overview Genshin Impact

Character Overview: Jean

Jean is one of the few currently available healers in Genshin, making her overall fairly interesting, but when you couple the inherent flexibility of Anemo as an element that can interact with essentially anything other than Geo (and Dendro, but that’s not currently available…) she becomes significantly more interesting, but elemental interactions using her specifically […]

Character Overview Genshin Impact

Character Overview: Tartaglia (Childe)

After Venti, Tartaglia was the second five-star archer, but overall, his general playstyle is a fairly significant departure from that of an archer. Instead of focusing on ranged attacks, Childe sports a mode swap which changes his archer attacks out for Hydro-based melee attacks. This allows him to nearly always deal non-physical damage if so […]

Character Overview Genshin Impact

Character Overview: Anemo Traveler

Might as well start these overviews off with a character everyone has, the Traveler! They’re the first five star character you’ll get in Genshin Impact. Now, it’s somewhat important: the male Traveler and the female Traveler have two subtly different movesets and we’re going to look at the female Traveler, Lumine, as representing the Anemo […]