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All Serenitea Pot Realms

I tried looking up all the different Serenitea Pot realms on google and got nadda, which was pretty frustrating. Because of that, I went ahead and actually went through all the accounts I have access to, and set them all up with different realms to give them each a shot and see what they all looked like.

All three realms can eventually be unlocked, but if you were wanting to make a more informed initial decision – and I don’t think anyone would blame you for being a little bit apprehensive otherwise – here’s what all three of them look like:

Floating Abode

Floating Abode is, in my opinion, the most basic visually. While the other two realms have slightly differently shaped areas and are a bit more differentiated in how they connect, Floating Abode has pretty much what you’d expect from it being that they’re floating islands.

An important thing to note about the Floating Abode as opposed to the other two is that it doesn’t have a day-night cycle. If perpetual sunset is your gig, this place is probably pretty kino. The starting area is a little bit more of a square than the other two.

Emerald Peak

Emerald Peak is the sleeper that sort of takes the cake. As a friend put it, they spent a lot of time in Liyue already, so this seemed like it wasn’t going to be that interesting, but the other peaks and the waterfalls honestly kinda have me hooked after seeing them properly.

The initial area is somewhat triangular in shape, and doesn’t really feature much if any details around the peripheral as opposed to Floating Abode or Cool Isle as the trees and what-have-you that are there are actually just off the edge – their leaves poking up in the image below.

Cool Isle

Cool Isle’s starting area has a little bit more surrounding it in terms of flora and other general gribble, but the editable area is fairly oval and all in all perhaps more basic than the other two in regards to that shape initially. I’m not necessarily sure if that’s better or worse.

While the other two realms have Liyue-based manors for their main building, Cool Isle has a Monstadt design. Functionally, there’s not much difference of course, but since this whole shtick is about aesthetics, these things are important, right?

That wasn’t so hard, Internet!

Don’t get me wrong, I shouldn’t be expressing frustration at an opportunity to step up to the plate, it’s just… There’s actual game journalists who undoubtedly have more resources at their disposal who didn’t actually bother to get this done. Really couldn’t share a few accounts across the office? Maybe get a few screen shots?


Well, whatever. Like I said, I was frustrated, because it’s not even something I would normally care to write about or put on the site since – well, there’s not much writing, it’s just being bothered to get some god damned imagery!

While we’re here though, some quick notes: as far as I can tell, it strictly benefits you to have as many items as you can out that you actually possess at any given time up to certain thresholds.

The more objects you have, each having their own adeptal energy amount, the more currency you’ll accumulate over time – therefore, the more stuff you can buy, and the more stuff you can make, so on and so forth.

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