I don’t know, I didn’t want to stick it anywhere else!


He’s Dead, Jim

So for a little bit here at Into the Blue Sky, we may have some temporary content issues. Gfycat, the service that provides the hosting for all of our webm/gifs is dying, and as such, various posts on the site will be impacted tremendously. I’m going to be frank here for a second and say, […]


What is Project Ascension?

Project Ascension is a Classless World of Warcraft private server set mainly in the Vanilla and Burning Crusade expansions. The unique qualities of this particular server come in the form of its classless system and seasonal content that drastically changes the gameplay with different game modes. The defining feature of these modes is always the […]


Growth Goal Met

Not that I’ve really specified this outwardly, but this month, the site hit the goal for growth this year, and over the past few days I’ve seen a small uptick in general. I don’t really have any completed material this month for the site as I really haven’t gotten to an interview to mix up […]