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Gundam Model Kit Review: Gyan Krieger!

This review will go over the build process, articulation, and weapons for the Gyan Krieger. I personally had a mixed experience with this kit having a small existential break down over the amount of parts this bloody thing has. When it was done though its really worth it, you get a great looking model with a wonderful possibility and its a great time sink; if your looking to really take your time with the model.

The Build

For an high grade though the amount of detail is astounding. The shoulder pads especially have lots of molded in detail. Coming from the world of miniatures seeing just enough details on a piece is always refreshing. Unlike the mountains of details upon each space marine. If your choosing to pick out details by hand you’ll have a wonderful time highlighting all the vents and thrusters. The Gyan Krieger sports a very knightly motif making stand out in your collection, It’s in a wonderful lavender and dark purple with highlights of red. The color separation here is on display.

You don’t have heaps of color separation as its mostly all one color. The detail that is there pops though. Especially the tit vents on the chest. Actually putting the kit together was a breeze, the only vague direction is with the arm joints in the chest. The joints show they go in at an angle however they also must be at an angle and backwards to actually go in properly. This is just poorly conveyed in the instructions. What stands out to me in particular with this kit is the amount of shoulder pad articulation. The shoulders are articulated separately from the rest of the body and this gives that little extra spice to the kit when posing.

Watch out for this kits waist joint however it loves to pop out just when ever it wants to really.


I mean what do you expect the articulation is great it’s the action figure we all wanted as children. I want to direct your attention to the Gyan’s kicks. This is wack. Strictly speaking they look really cool with its toes being pointed to resemble knights grieves. They are just not functional, when posing the kit tends to fall backwards more often and I often find myself having to do side standing poses; in order to better distribute the weight. The toes to articulate separately which is notable.

The butt cape here, thats the technical term I believe. Causes some minor issues as well you cant bend the legs all the way back without hitting it. The kit also cant sit down very well because of the said butt cape. The hands are very limiting just being the fists while it can hold other weapons. I would like to have a open hand option for single weapon poses.


The Gyan Krieger only comes with two weapons, it’s lance and shield. While the shields design is cool being able to actually fit even the largest part of the lance in the small opening. Overall its not very impressive however; with the biggest issue being its to damn small. What are you supposed to do block beam sabers with this thing or catch those Velcro balls with it? Another thing how it attaches is ridiculous. Why would you ever hold a shield like this first of all. Secondly its ugly and limits your options if you want to use the shield in poses. Having it take up an entire hand when you have things like the Heavy Gundam and its shield. Being attached at the wrist.

The Lance itself is able to be gripped at two points, so far I enjoy the grip further back on the handle if you have it resting on the shield. However the closest grip to the hand guard is best for poses without the shield. Just try to keep the lance relatively close to the kit as it will topple over under the weapons full weight.

Final Thoughts

Is this kit worth your time yes for sure if you can get your hands on one. I love the look of this kit and just how different it is. I would say out of all the more “knightly” suits the Gyan Krieger is the most dark fantasy kit I’ve seen. With just how geometric and especially its pointed helmet it reminds me of a enemy you would face made from stone in some RPG. This kit is a p-bandi exclusive and right now is about $80 on the after market. I wouldn’t pay that price for a high grade so I really hope they reprint this at some point. Is it worth that money, that would be up to you.

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