Growth Goal Met

Not that I’ve really specified this outwardly, but this month, the site hit the goal for growth this year, and over the past few days I’ve seen a small uptick in general. I don’t really have any completed material this month for the site as I really haven’t gotten to an interview to mix up the action games and I’ve generally been putting stuff off.

Still, the site’s up and it gathers views, and I appreciate the uptick in traffic. It’s hard to say if you’re swinging by consistently, or if you’re just here for today, but regardless of that I wanted to say thank you, and put together a media post with some of the clips I’ve been recording for different projects that have yet to come to fruition or to be used in general on the site.


War Thunder:


Earth Defense Force: World Brothers:

Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram:

Thanks again!

I am really glad to have had this happen half-way through the year since it just means there’s all that much more room to grow, and next year hopefully I’ll be able to meet the same goal, maybe even in a similar timeframe. That’d be pretty dope.

But before I can really do that, I have to say thank you to anyone who just so much as takes a peek. As the numbers go higher, there’s a bit of a dopamine fix, and besides, the entire… Internet, now, I guess, runs off of getting those bigger and bigger numbers, so as they grow, even when I’m not able to work on the site or get out the reviews and other stuff I want to do, it inspires confidence to take further action.

So, if you’re dropping by anything’s been of use to you, it’s been entertaining, and you want to help out, please share the site with someone who’ll find it to be of value. It’s the best way to help out where things stand at the moment, and once again, thank you: regardless of whether or not you’re just swinging by, if you have a friend you might want to share this with, or for some strange reason you’re here, with some degree of consistency. You’re awesome, keep doin’ you.

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