We’re off to a bad start when I make sure the title is a pun, I can tell you that much, but, you’re here. Here specifically, because in this day and age for someone to actually end up on the the home page means that you’re not necessarily looking for content.

What you’re looking for is information, maybe an explanation as to whatever you’ve found. Well, this site is essentially a cocktail with three parts: a little bit of that pseudo-journalism that is covering the topic of video games, mostly because it brings in viewership; some advanced gameplay tips and general information for whatever is the current focus, again for the sake of viewership; and when it strikes my fancy, information related more towards the overall design when it comes to games and maybe even super-cool stuff like interviews with developers and other people who are doing cool creative things.

When it comes to slightly advanced topics, it can be hard to find something that isn’t a long Youtube video, and those aren’t really suitable for quick reference, so this is an alternative format to that: articles seamlessly blended with short clips and other media where appropriate.

So if you’re interested, stick around, we’ll keep the engines warm.