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RX-78-2 Gundam High Grade Model Kit review!

Honestly this kit reminds me of Minecraft Steve, something so generic that anyone can paint their sensibilities on. Also something that can be memed to hell.

The Build

The build was a breeze it took less than an hour to have this thing together and I don’t have any gripes. The only real trouble I ran into was caused by the being that lies between the keyboard and chair currently typing this. I forgot to put the actual waist connector in when I built the waist initially. The arms you cant even build backwards; as if you do the armor plates don’t fit on correctly and will leave a large gap.

The head though does have a gap that I couldn’t get rid of no mater part configuration or filing. So their is that however I don’t think its to noticeable in most poses. The legs at the point where the hip connects has a gap in the armor due it just how its build but its kinda covered by the skirt. So once again its only a minor gripe.


The articulation is pretty bog standard. It can do the splits and Kung fu kicks. The waist does tend to pop out sometimes but thats not a very big deal. I would rather the waist pop off and have to connect two parts; rather than having the whole thing be a hand grenade. Some of these model kits not so much gundam from what I’ve experienced so far. However other companies just don’t stick together and if you fart in their general direction; will then lose three limbs and a finger. It’s just depressing.

Moving along this kit is pretty solid and overs fairly dynamic posing especially when compared to Origin 78-2 which lacks in that department. Mostly due to the shoulder construction. On the origin kit the shoulder is actually limited by a small ledge. Compared to this kit where it’s not its just open on the sides. It’s also slightly larger by comparison.


The kit comes with five weapons, two beam sabers, a beam rifle, bazooka and the iconic gundam Shield. These are about as generic as it gets but what is Minecraft Steve without hit wooden toolset. These weapons can go on most kits and look pretty alright. Granted the designs are dated and would clash with a lot of the newer kits. I think these weapons are well suited and worthy of adding to your spares box.

Final Thoughts

Overall this kit is cheap as hell at only $10! This is definitely worth your time and money as model kit or gundam fan if you don’t have one already. It’s the closest thing you can get to a entry grade high grade in my opinion. It’s so simple and quick that its a great confidence booster kit. For you more advanced hobbyists its so cheap that its great to test paint schemes or just paint a bunch like power rangers…

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