The PlayStation Portal Looks Absolutely ridiculous.

Sony what the hell is this, a handheld that only streams games and spits on the legacy of the great PSP. I’m not really this upset about that but what I do have a gripe with is company’s blatantly selling us garbage. In my opinion streaming games isn’t really worth the price these companies want you to pay for these streaming services. Especially Sony locking most of their classic games behind streaming, like Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank. I applaud the effort to break into the handheld market again but this is not the way to do it. Unlike companies such as valve they don’t have amazing sales that bless us with vast amounts of quality titles; from the indie scene at least.

So you have a limited library, that you can only stream. Bloody great why cant this take physical media? Or hell even just download games to a local storage. It’s just another way for companies like Sony to take the power out of the consumers hands and try to make us beholden to their platforms.

The unfortunate truth of the matter though is that this is just a sign of more practices like this in the future. I mean you already have to pay for access to multiplayer on PlayStation. On top of your increasing internet bill from all these old ass games your gonna be streaming, Sony and your ISP are going to be so god damn happy people are gonna guy this thing.

Please it goes without saying that this refurbished PS5 Controller with a phone screen is not worth your $200. It’s not worth $100, I mean I would wipe my ass with one if I could, at least that would provide some sort of enrichment to my life apart from draining my wallet and soul on your god damn platform Sony.

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