He’s Dead, Jim

So for a little bit here at Into the Blue Sky, we may have some temporary content issues. Gfycat, the service that provides the hosting for all of our webm/gifs is dying, and as such, various posts on the site will be impacted tremendously.

I’m going to be frank here for a second and say, I don’t have a good solution for this, but we are exploring options. Hosting on the site itself is an option, but besides that, we may also go ahead and start moving to things such as Youtube Shorts for the majority of our under one minute clips.

I don’t exactly know what I’m going to do since it’s kind of difficult: I wasn’t able to actually download all my content from the site before this happened, and unfortunately, that’s a significant portion of the more relevant content. Articles will probably go through a significant redesign and it will be some time before a few of these are ‘up’.

Unfortunately, this needs to be said outright: our clips have always had impressive video quality. Without gfycat as a service. Once we have settled into this transition phase and know exactly what we’re doing, there will be some more interim posts to explain our plan of action.

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