Destiny’s BXR: Slide Cancels

Before I go anywhere else, this one couldn’t have been solo so props go at to Xeltriskal, the lady, the legend. They’re good people.

So without going too deep into things I quite frankly don’t fully understand, the best way to explain this is, BXR still works, but it doesn’t work as BXR in Destiny 2, what it does work as is as a manipulation the different animation system arguably to the point this technique could, reasonably, still be performed even in the newer iterations of Halo.

That is to say, in a lot less words, it works as a concept, and typically speaking if you’re hunting for bugs, exploits, or whatever, it’s not unreasonable to work off the conception of a bug, which, given the circumstances might even be fixed and have been fixed for years.

So Destiny’s equivalent of a BXR is slide canceling. Technically speaking, the results are that the slide is never really cancelled – except on your screen. The overall usage for this technique is pretty much two-fold: the first is that your vertical aim point isn’t having to adjust for the fact that you’re at a lower than usual perspective, so it’s much easier to perform a snapshot with a shotgun than without; the second depending on the situation it can create a difference in perspectives that minimizes exposure while maximizing firing capability.

I’ve got a few other examples we’ll go over so you can see this from another perspective (because that’s highly important) but for now, the above illustrates the difference between using the cancel and not. So without further ado, let me explain the technique:

Sprint and then Crouch to perform a slide, while initiating the slide, input and hold ADS (Aim-Down-Sight; or hit it once if you use sticky ADS), immediately afterward input Crouch (or Release Crouch for people who use hold-crouch). Done correctly, you should notice that your Guardian will stand up much faster than they should normally if you Slide and then Uncrouch immediately after beginning the slide. In that scenario, your Guardian would stand up immediately after the slide is done.

In third person, or rather, from everyone else’s perspective other than yours, you will actually be sliding the whole time, but there’s a few more things that need to be understood before doing this: this technique requires Snapshot Sights, or a high enough amount of handling to really take advantage of it. Typically speaking, some of the best shotguns focus on a combination of both range, impact, and handling in Destiny, but this can also be used with other weapons.

Another caveat is that you actually can’t really perform this on a console or with a gamepad. The reason being that double-tap crouch inputs trigger your class abilities. This would probably work in Destiny 1, but I don’t really care to actually load the game up and test it – that said, so long as you’re not playing a Nightstalker with the dodge ability on it or Graviton Forfeit (Destiny 1), you should be able to perform the maneuver.

It’s also worth mentioning, that most anything that buffs your slide (for example, slide duration) will have a pretty huge impact on this, and when you’re able to snap out the input, you can use it to move in very strange, and interesting ways. I haven’t really watched Destiny 2 gameplay by other people in awhile, but among other things, I’m really surprised I don’t see this done more often in videos with Crucible footage.

…Then again, I’ve seen Youtubers put on the exact same clip twice in a row, so I can’t really even find myself that surprised.

That said, this is probably going to be the last piece I write on Destiny for a very long time. I have large disagreements with their direction to the point that, with the exception of putting out information like this (which I’ve kept close to my chest lest it damage the game), there’s not much more for me to write about other than it’s clear Bungie has zero respect for anyone’s time with weapon and armor sunsetting – and quite frankly, I’m not rebuying the game again just so I can get guns I’ve already unlocked.

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