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Ring of Titans-Why is no one talking about this?

What is Ring of Titans?

Ring of Titans is an arena PvP game in the vein of World of Warcraft, taking all the great concepts from WoW’s PvP combat and giving all the tools necessary to the player right from the start to jump into either 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. Saying the game is impressive is an understatement, especially being developed by a lone developer over the course of a year. There’s is a huge amount of passion put into it, and it shows!


The combat in Ring of Titans feels great, taking major queues from the World of Warcraft playbook with arena targeting, focus targeting, and lots of buff and debuff tracking, dictating your reactions to situations. These are displayed in multiple locations making them easy to track with notorious WoW addons like Gladius, Omicc, and limited Weakauras baked into the game. Making your spells target focus or arena targets is even easier than in WoW where WoW makes you create macros which may or may not work unless you look them up (which, for WoW veterans this is second nature) but for newer players its a very daunting task; however, in Ring of Titans this is just a matter of putting a spell on your bar and right clicking on it to set that spell as either a focus target or arena target spell.

The different game modes play well even with the limited classes. There are many viable team compositions, and nothing seems to be to overpowered or dominating in 3v3. Talking to the current top players, they seem to agree. This current balancing for 3v3 is something WoW has never seen in any of its expansions and is very promising for the future of RoT, this brings me to the excellent class design of game.

Class design

Ring of Titans takes all the class designs of WoW and removes all the filler from them making each ability feel impactful and making each class fill a role that no other class can fill making your team composition very important. The class I would like to highlight is Tarcza, the two-handed sword wielding warrior: having the tools in his kit to not only deal with Caster classes like Malrah – the Warlock equivalent – but it can also hold its own against Volen – the Rogue – however, where this class falls is against Azora – the Mage – and this is where the rock-paper-scissors of PvP focused games like this come into play. Not a single class in RoT can do everything and no single class is in every top team at the moment, a design philosophy has been lost in many MMOs’ class design in recent years.

Each class has access to a talent tree of six different class talents and six different universal talents that are shared across every class, you can pick two of each of these talents making your choices matter and changing these talents is crucial to your class depending on the matchup.

Closing remarks

Ring of Titans is the best game I’ve played as a Ex-WoW-PvP veteran, it captures everything the PvP community has been asking for and executes it to the highest degree we have seen so far. I and many others see large amounts of potential in Ring of Titans I am very excited for the future of the game and I only see a upward trend going forward.

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