General Critiques

Optimal Range

It’s an interesting, strange concept. I’d wanted to write about Daemon X Machina but before I could really sit down and do that properly, I had to go through and try out all the different weapons. In doing so, I immediately found myself disappointed the more I experimented with certain common weapon types, which essentially […]


Soft, Not Hard

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep should, by all means, be a fairly wonderful expansion. Unfortunately, it’s just not quite there. There’s a few issues, and the first and foremost, is that whether or not you will appreciate the expansion will probably vary greatly depending on whether or not you’ve experienced Destiny 1 on a console and if […]


Disappointment World

(Cube World, Pt. 1) It’s been awhile, but I guess I’ve been pretty disappointed in a lot of things and haven’t really found much inspiration, or, I guess more appropriately, I don’t really want to write about the things that have disappointed the hell out of me, in my opinion, they just don’t need that […]