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Gifs From 2021

Overall, the site’s been coming along and growing decently over this last year. There’s been more posts, more gifs, more authors, and more visitors of course! Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by, it’s nice to see this little corner of the internet slowly grow. Devil May Cry 3 F.E.A.R. ULTRAKILL War Thunder Until Next Year! […]

The Lab

The Lab

There’s usually stuff I’ve recorded but it never gets actually brought onto the website because it just sits, waiting for me to get around to what I wanted to do with it rather than exploiting its value. That’s problematic as I’ve been trying to consider how best to maintain a schedule and how to move […]


War Thunder Review

War Thunder is one of the more interesting titles on the free-to-play market: it more or less has established the standard for realistic vehicular combat, but simultaneously, the majority of the gameplay is largely involving suffering, punishment, and forced extraction of money from your wallet if you want to break even towards the higher ends […]