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Devil May Cry Files 02: Rushes (Pt. 1)

Now that we’ve explored the primary rush of the Devil May Cry series, what’re the other varieties in the series? Here I’ll take the time to demo the rushes from Devil May Cry 3 onward, (Dante’s) Stinger not included.


To start us off, we have why I didn’t go through Devil May Cry 3’s Stinger: it has no real frills to speak of that haven’t already been mentioned. Gunstinger is essentially, Stinger, with a shotgun, that travels at half the range of Rebellion’s Stinger.

Jet Stream:

Once they get to Agni & Rudra, this rush probably becomes your average player’s preferred follow-up tool: because it doesn’t deal knockback until the final set of swings are completed, the player can initiate Jetstream’s rush to have Dante strike the enemy, and before the entire string of attacks completed, transition into another move like an attack that will launch the enemy into the air.

Reverb Shock:

Very unique; it’s a launcher! Besides having a bunch of bats that deal additional damage as they strike the enemy, this move is something that I personally find easily forgettable, largely because of the weapon it’s on, but given Nevan’s otherwise complex nature, being able to rush into the enemy and launch them feels like a solid compromise that enables players to transition into the weapon better as Nevan certainly has a learning curve.


It’s Stinger, but without Million Stab, and the ability to charge it. In addition, the move has less distance, and depending on how you time the release of the charge, the distance traveled varies, the specifics of which are something I’ll have to cover later. The ability to better control the timing of the lunging part of the move makes Straight somewhat easier to stop short by slipping underneath an enemy.

(Vergil’s) Stinger:

Vergil’s Devil May Cry 3 Stinger; essentially the same as Stinger from Devil May Cry (the original), this Stinger only really provides knockback, though technically there is a very, very small aftershock to the hit box on both Dante and Vergil’s Stinger. It doesn’t really do any knockback, but you can definitely hit an enemy with it.

Rapid Slash:

This is such a cool looking move that I have to resist the urge to link the Marvel Versus Capcom 3 version of it which is so much better. Essentially, Rapid Slash just deals knockback across a huge hitbox, it doesn’t do anything that is half as awesome as it looks.

Half-time Show!

I got bored and needed some motivation to get through this, how about you?


Streak is, essentially, Nelo Angelo’s rush attack from Devil May Cry 3. There’s really not much to it, and while you can use similar techniques to short stop it, half the reason why the move doesn’t have any primary method of comboing out of it is because of Nero’s Devil Bringer creating enough of a crutch by allowing the player to pull the enemy back to them, or pull Nero to the enemy.

Rapid Slash

Rapid Slash got a face lift from Devil May Cry 3 in two ways. The first is that by itself, Rapid Slash will leave the enemies in place after Vergil has slashed through them, then the move turns Vergil around when used this way, allowing the player to repeat the slash for that awesome anime-esque katana combo. The second is that the move can pull enemies up with Vergil, allowing a combo to go from the ground, to in the air, with incredible ease.

(Vergil) Stinger

Iiit’s Stinger again! Only this time, Vergil’s Stinger has a few different properties. Part of them Vergil’s (blech) in-character meter, while the other most notable characteristic is that the Stinger is very short, and Vergil is able to turn 180° when beginning Million Stab. This allows for a very easy way for any player to slip under an enemy, and then perform million stabs.

In order to perform a full length Stinger, Vergil can Devil Trigger, in which his Stinger has a similar range to Dante’s in Devil May Cry 4, and also has the same aftershock.

Thunder Blow

It’s Straight… But not? It’s shocking this time and at the mercy of the prequisite Round Trip locking enemies in place while the blow connects, the hitstun preventing the enemy from being knocked back a great distance, in addition to something of a drill-like property, similar to the Devil Trigger Stinger.

I broke my Cheat Engine 🙁

So have an old gif I made because I can’t do anything new at the moment without an anti-trainer.

Since this post has gone on awhile already, I’ll go ahead and call it here, and we can continue in Pt. 2 which will cover Devil May Cry 5. As of this writing, it’s reasonable to believe there will be more playable characters coming to the game, so I would rather get DMC5 covered completely in its own post as it will likely be almost expansive as this post alone.

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