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Maintaining a Schedule

If I were to actually post character overviews every five days, I’d end up getting through all the characters I have available, woe as me. So instead of doing that, have some good ol’ filler.

Shady Knight Demo



Genshin Impact

More (or, Actual) Whinging:

Time for some actual woe-as-me though: gfycat’s got this new thing where they review posts to their site before they’re visible/searchable on gfycat, which honestly, is good. If they don’t police their content, well, someone will have to do it for them or something egregious will occur that forces them to take action, and both of those options will invariably suck completely for most everyone who uses the service and the people who operate it, too. The thing about it is that pretty much none of my more recent uploads are really getting okay’d, which in turn hurts their growth, and watching these numbers go up makes me feel good, but they’re, y’know, not going up.

Hell, it also makes each individual page look better I’m sure to see bigger view numbers or something outwardly. Something which is definitely a factor I’ve considered.

There’s good and bad with that, of course. It’s not really entertaining or useful for the average person to end up going through my gfycat account and seeing there’s mostly a lot of uninteresting references for character attacks; however, the bad is obvious. If someone wanted to actually look up my stuff on their service, there’d be less available to see unless you looked through my site.

That sounds like it’s good for me in other respects, you could say. Sure, I guess, but not intentionally and I don’t necessarily like that entire way of thinking. Any growth is good in my mind, not just for the dopamine release, but just for getting more visibility.

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