The Lab

The Lab

There’s usually stuff I’ve recorded but it never gets actually brought onto the website because it just sits, waiting for me to get around to what I wanted to do with it rather than exploiting its value.

That’s problematic as I’ve been trying to consider how best to maintain a schedule and how to move forward with the site, because often eventually things don’t necessarily feel that relevant or useful to continue in the moment, but I’m certain that eventually I’ll probably want to use those clips in a review or article, but until then it’s just… Doing nothing.

I don’t really like seeing repeat content, and I’ve watched Youtube videos where people have literally thrown the same clip one after the other, but, I think there’s still an excellent opportunity to exploit the work in progress content I’m toiling away at, and that’s by simply allowing anyone who wants it, a little view into the Lab.

That way you know what you’re getting into, you’re not too upset if you see the same thing twice because you came for some early access to the show, and there’s a more consistent stream of content for the site in a way that doesn’t lock me up with uncertainty. It also allows me flexibility to do what I want to do and still know that I’ll be doing something for the site, rather than aiming for a goal which might not be ideal to reach at the moment.

Plus, I’ll probably still try to throw out my thoughts a little here and there, so it won’t entirely just be a stream of gfycat embeds to eat up your bandwidth. Thoughts like those above and others.

ArmA 3

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition:

This dumb combo is something I’ve been messing around with for years and all the above isn’t even really what it was ever supposed to be. I’m still working on the final iteration, but since the original inception of the combo an inertia mod has come out – so for all the above, I’ve been using it.

At its current stage, it feels weird, but it’s a fun mod to use. You can check that mod out here.

Monster Hunter Rise:

War Thunder:

Vernal Edge

Closing Thoughts

This stuff really doesn’t get viewed, in my experience, but regardless of that it’s there and it’s available. It honestly makes me feel better more than anything else because at the end of the day it helps pad out the schedule here and there without doing nothing at all for a time.

I do think some people might be disappointed by the fact there’s not really any science that might get done, given that’s an important part of lab work and all! But that’s what these observations at the beginning and end are for, I think: if there’s anything worth talking about that I’m experimenting with that gets shown off here, it’s a pretty decent place to talk about it if it’s not worth the take to go into a massive amount of detail on.

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