Final Fantasy 16 Combat Demo First Impressions.

Keep in mind this is impressions of the demo not the final game. Everything here is subject to change upon release. Since the FF16 demo has released I have ran through Eikonic Challenge mode about twenty times at this point. All I want to do its play this god damn demo its that good! The combat is spectacular blending in aspects of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta with a sprinkling of Black Desert

Eikons And Abilities.

Firstly the combat revolves around a series of stances called Eikons these are basically styles from DMC, with each coming with its own “trick” button ability; and two abilities. You can equip up to three at a time and swap between them with the left trigger. The abilities you gain access to are really the bread and butter of the combat system. This is also where this Bayonetta and Black Desert comparisons come from.

Each ability has its own unique mechanics and timing, with some you have to mash to get their full effect. Others having to hold down to charge and aim for a perfect charge window as indicated by the red portion of the charge meter. Some can be used in the air for mobility or combos, some cant, some are only combo starters or enders. The possibilities with just the available Eikons are spectacular and I think everyone will find creative ways to use them given the depth of each ability.

Clives Move-set.

The main character you will be playing throughout FF16 is Clive, seemingly your generic anime protagonist tbh I didn’t read much into the lore. (I’m saving that for the full game.) Clive himself has few moves however what he does have compliments the Eikons perfectly. Clive doesn’t have access to a traditional launcher, instead you rely on your companion Torgal; or your Eikon abilities. This is my major complaint about the combat so far is that to do anything stylish you have to set it up with Torgal. And often wait for Eikon abilities to be off cooldown to attempt another combo.

What Clive does have though is enemy stepping, air dodging, a ground reset, and stinger. He does have access to a ranged spell as well that can be charged. This is basically Nero’s charged shot from DMC 5. Which to be honest when you compare Clive to other Character action game…characters; you really don’t have a lot to play with. But I have a feeling this will be remedied by the inclusion of different Eikons.

Final Impressions.

Play the god damn demo.

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